A Scientist in a Sorority


I did not join a sorority with the hope of spending time judging my guy friends in a “tighty whitey”contest. Unlike what is so often portrayed in the media, there is much more to entering the sisterhood of a sorority.

The primary reason I rushed a sorority was to be a part of a group of motivated, bright and inspiring women who are focused on their education while bettering themselves and those who surround them. Many of these women, including in my sorority alone, will soon become doctors, lawyers, business entrepreneurs and politicians.  Or, in my case, an environmental scientist.

Even now, in 2017, women are still working and fighting to being treated equal in the academic world. In many fields of study and work, including the sciences, women are underrepresented  and remain the minority.

As a member of a sorority I feel that I have a unique voice as one of a group of hard working women to break down the belief that sorority women are not making contributions to science.  Through Sorority Girl in the Science Field, I hope to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for environmental research, particularly rainforest ecology, as an engaged sorority sister focused on combining these two interests in a positive light.

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