How Changing Your Search Engine Can Help Save the Environment

Like everyone else, I look to the internet throughout my day for answers to my many questions. I’ve always used Google as my primary search engine until I came across Ecosia. is a relatively new search engine that applies 80% of its search engine ad profits to support tree planting programs around the world to help combat global warming. Once installed, the home page has a counter to tally the number of trees you have helped plant. As of January 2017, the total number of trees planted was a little under six million.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 3.06.40 PM.pngTheir ultimate mission is to plant ONE BILLION trees around the world. 

After further looking into Ecosia’s operations, I learned a bit about how search engines generate ad revenue. Eachtime a user enters a search, Ecosia estimates about 53 cents in revenue. 

I switched from Google to Ecosia about three months ago and I love it. 

Imagine how many trees could be planted if more people switched from using search engines like Google or Yahoo to Ecosia. 

Ecosia is available on just about any device through Google Chrome or by downloading the Ecosia app in the App Store. 

Please check out to learn more about this incredibly easy way to help the environment.


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    I love it!! Great to information Addy Girl,love you,Nana Banana! 😜

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