Lana Kleiner-Kanter – Environmental Science


~Lana Kleiner-Kanter~ American University Alpha Chi Omega – Beta Rho

Bio- I grew up on Mercer Island, just outside of Seattle, WA. I have interned at the American Forest Foundation and the USDA NIFA Institute of Bioenergy, where I worked towards implementing forest residuals as a biomass source for jet fuel. My favorite thing to do in the whole world is ski and I am a Segway tour guide on the National Mall during my summers!

What is your major & what do you plan to do with your major after college? I am an Environmental Science major and I plan to explore the effects of climate change on conservation and glacial activity in the polar regions. My dream is to drill ice cores in Greenland or Antartica!

Why are you pursuing a degree in science? I am pursuing a career in science because the world is so vast and full of unanswered questions and it is so exciting to me to try to understand and answer those questions. I believe that science is one of the greatest tools we have to support the world around us because it allows us to understand how things fit together and interact, and therefore how to we can all fit into that equation. Something about glaciology in particular that I find totally cool is that it’s one of the closest things we have to a time machine. You can look at the ice that has been frozen in time for millions and years and see what the atmosphere was like, or how the landscape looked, or even what organisms were alive. There are so many different fields of science, and each one is a window into the universe in its own unique and exciting way.

How has being in a sorority impacted or inspired you to further your education or career in the science field? Being in a sorority has surrounded me with some of the most driven women I’ve ever met who constantly push me to work harder and be better, but who are also there to support me when I fail. Without them, I never would have had the confidence to dive into science.

Sister Suggestions – 

  • Advice to another sorority sister – Learn one new thing a day!
  • Tips for someone who may want to pursue a similar major – Ask questions, and then take the initiative to find answers to those questions. Don’t get discouraged, there is always something new to discover.

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