Beky Winkler – Psychology with a Biology Focus

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~Beky Winkler~ American University Chi Omega – Eta Lamba

Brief Bio (three or four sentences): I spent a long time trying to figure out what I wanted to do and what I can do. I’m super curious and I find almost anything to have an immense purpose. I’ve spent about seven years working with kids with special needs, about 17 in theater including my current time in improv and standup, and 22 years loving our planet. All of this comes together in my developing a children’s show, Bek and Geck, all about animal education and conservation. Check out a preview on my website!


What is your major & what do you plan to do with your major after college?: After college, I am moving to New York city and attending Hunter College to study animal behavior and conservation.

Why are you pursuing a degree in science?: I think everyone has the ability to change the world. Right now, the world needs changing more than ever. I love the challenge of science, the adventure, and the details of our natural world.

How has being in a sorority impacted or inspired you to further your education or career in the science field?: I never thought I could major in science. It is because of my sorority that I took the risk and changed my major. It’s because of the support I’ve gotten that I feel ready to take on life after college.

Sister Suggestions~

  • Advice to another sorority sister: Learn as much as you can about as much as you can. Make connections with people that you normally wouldn’t all over the world.
  • Tips for someone who may want to pursue a similar major: It’s a lot of work. It can be demeaning in a way, to constantly be fighting to prove your IQ. But science is more than the grade, there is an incredibly creative aspect that is really cool. Once you find it, it feels like you have your own place in the science world.

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