Month One in the Land Down Under

IMG_8300This past Friday marks my first month since arriving in Australia. I have been completing my exchange at the University of Queensland where I am taking four classes relating to Australia’s marine & terrestrial environments and I could not be more thankful and thrilled to be here. It’s hard to even put into words how incredible my time in Queensland has been thus far.

IMG_8645In the past four weeks I have been able to begin exploring the city of Brisbane where I am living for the next five months and have had the opportunity to start traveling along the coast of Queensland, meet incredible people, and try Vegemite (sorry, but not a fan).

The city of Brisbane is the capital of the Australian state of Queensland and is the third most populous city in Australia. I am studying at the University of Queensland, a university of over 51,000 undergrad & graduate students. Happy to report that I’ve only gotten lost about fifty times while trying to navigate my way through campus. I’m currently enrolled in environmental science courses and am getting to learn more about the unique biodiversity the continent of Australia has while continuing to learn about tropical ecology and sustainable business practices as a whole.IMG_9301

My favorite places that I have visited so far are Sydney, Noosa Head, Byron Bay, and the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

Many many more photos, videos, and words to come!!


  1. Tracy Keilty says:

    Wow!!!! So much in a month’s time!!

    Sent from Tra’s iPhone



  2. says:

    Awesome, amazing,we miss you our Addy Girl, but are so happy and Proud of you! Love nana and papa Jim xox

    Sent from my iPad



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